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StringLine is our flagship mobile application, empowering productivity with its unique communication management, information management and team collaboration features. Share, plan, discuss and track your business’ activities from anywhere with StringLine. Information is at the heart of your business decisions; keeping that information at your fingertips, and accessible to your team can empower you to be efficient, productive and effective.

StringLine is Collaboration Reimagined.
StringLine Condo
​Connect and communicate with your Condominium using StringLine Condo - this extension to StringLine is a convenient way to create and track service requests and review documentation within a condominium community. StringLine Condo connects communities with their property managers and condo boards, streamlining communication, improving transparency and accountability.

The power of StringLine extended to support condominium management.


Bell Tower - Redux
Redux is the debut album from Calgary based Garage Rock Alternative band Bell Tower. This punchy album features nine original songs, recorded, mixed and mastered by the band in collaboration with Studio014. It gives a nod to an early demo EP assembled by the band, debuting many of the same titles, reset, polished and packaged for the first time.​

1. Mr. Popular
2. Old Fashioned Romance
3. It's For The Girl
4. My Father/Your Mother
5. Space Camp
6. Lovely Lindsey
7. Mad Trapper
8. C'est La Vie
9. Electricity
Bell Tower - Growing Growing
Bell Tower follows up their debut with an aptly named sophomore album, featuring 11 new original tracks that illustrate the evolution and... growth of their sound. Bell Tower's unique take on Garage Rock is transformed by a collision with indie pop, guest vocals and experimental instrumentation. Much like their debut, Growing Growing was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band in collaboration with Studio014, including guest collaborators Shannon Thomas, Kenny Murdoch and Zack Cheng.

1. Ready Now
2. Awkward Fish
3. What You Become At Night
4. Now I Lay Down
5. The Stream
6. Growing, Growing
7. Lovely Gear
8. Pretty Face
9. I/O
10. Where'd You Go?
11. I'm a Lemon
AudioTrap - Save Me
Save Me is the debut album from Calgary based acoustic artist AudioTrap. The album features heartfelt and relatable lyrics alongside soothing and raw instrumentation showcasing the band’s folksy and grass roots nature. 10 original songs recorded, mixed and mastered by the band in collaboration with Studio014.

1. I'm In Love
2. Angel Of The City
3. Keep Holding On
4. Changed
5. Weary
6. Dark Cold Night
7. Disappear
8. Too Far Gone
9. Alone
10. All I Have