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Studio014 is proud to announce the launch of a new member of the StringLine family, StringLine Condo, A stand alone mobile application that allows Condominiums to use the power of StringLine to communicate with their residents. Users of StringLine Condo can submit requests and view documentation shared by their property managers through StringLine. Condo Boards can now take the power of StringLine one step further, with this Condominium specific extension to the colaboration and communication features already relied on in StringLine.

Find StringLine Condo in Google Play and in Apple's App Store on January 1st, 2020


​The latest version of StringLine adds new ways to view your Team's information. 

New tabs in StringLine's Projects and Tickets lists make it easy to see Active, Personal and Archived views of each list. The Personal views make a quick glance at your Projects and Tickets easier than ever, and the Archive views make StringLine a great way to refer to your Team's past accomplishments at any time.

A new tutorial has been added to help you get situated on StringLine and several visual enhancements keep StringLine sharp. 

The latest version of StringLine is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.


The latest update to StringLine makes decision making easy. StringLine’s Discussion feature is new and improved, now supporting group decision making. Vote on Discussion topics, and view a summary of your Team’s decisions without having to scroll through threads.

Major changes also come to StringLine's in app purchases. Do you have a small Team? Having a subscription is no longer necessary for Teams of up to three.

As always, these majore changes come alongside performance improvements to ensure StringLine loads Team data quickly, securely and reliably.

Check out the latest iteration of StringLine now in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

We've been hard at work to bring some great new features to StringLine. We are very excited to announce StringLine now features account registration, Team creation and Team member management, push notifications, and improved Team switching for collaborating with more than one Team.

Alongside all of these great new features we've also included some major performance improvements to ensure StringLine loads Team data quickly, securely and reliably.

Find StringLine 1.1 in Google Play and Apple's App Store


Studio014 is proud to announce the launch of a new mobile application StringLine, an online tool that gives teams both small and large the power to collaborate like big businesses. Share, plan, discuss and track your work with your team in real time from anywhere with StringLine.

Find StringLine in Google Play and in Apple's App Store on November 11th 2018.


With the latest release of Active Peak comes a feature that will make it accessible from anywhere, and integrate it with the Home Screen Launcher of your choosing.

Holding your Home button from within any app will bring you to Active Peak's grid view. Leave the carousel view behind and make multitasking on your Android even more like BlackBerry 10.

View Active Peak's navigation settings to configure this new Home button launch feature.