Studio014 Goes Mobile

The creative and technical juices have been flowing at Studio014 HQ and we’ve prepared something very special. As our appreciation for interactive multimedia grows, we’ve ventured into uncharted territory. That being said we are proud to present our latest creation, the official Studio014 mobile application.

This app is a social hub, and central place for everything you need to know about us. Whether it’s our events, our news, or our swag, you’ll find it all inside. This mobile application makes it simple to stay connected and up to date with Studio014, our bands, and our brands. There are even more interactive features built in that you’ll soon be able to explore for yourself.

The Studio014 mobile application will be officially available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry devices. Stay tuned for more information as we apply the finishing touches and prepare to launch the app for your enjoyment.

We Are Five!

Today Studio014 reaches a milestone, open doors for five full years. Throughout these last five years Studio014 has experienced tremendous growth and evolution with unwavering support from all of you; for that we are sincerely gratefully.

That being said, this fall we would like to take the opportunity to celebrate. Commencing today, and continuing for the next two months, we have prepared a list of festivities to demonstrate our excitement and appreciation of everyone who has made the last five years such a success.

Over the following weeks we’ll give you an inside look at the exciting changes we’ve been making, and some new stuff we’re working on that you’ll definitely want to get your hands on. Last but certainly not least we’d like to invite you all to join us on October 11th for our fifth anniversary party.

Keep an eye on our website and social media as we have more detail on the way. Most importantly, mark your calendars; join us in celebrating the past five years and future of Studio014.