Bell Tower’s Redux


Studio014 Entertainment is excited and proud to announce the release of the latest album by Calgarian band Bell Tower, Redux. Consisting of nine tracks, Redux is indicative of the modern garage rock sound established by the band over the last two years. The album will be available across the country on April 2nd, 2011.

Bell Tower has worked diligently to create the perfect mix of old school rock and modern melodies. Each track on Redux is sure to get listeners swaying and asking for more. “We’ve got vicious electricity,” shouts Tom Englund, the group’s lead vocalist, in one of the tracks titled “Electricity,” a hard-hitting enthusiastic jam that makes a true testament to the unique sounds of the band.

Redux will be available on CD and digitally from the Studio014 store as well as Itunes, E-music and other digital outlets. Look for Redux in early April and be sure to pick up a copy.

Introducing Manic Illusion

Studio014 Entertainment is proud to announce the newest addition to our roster, Manic Illusion. This synth rock trio sums up the sonic experience that is a carnival. Their playful upbeat tunes encompass a dark and intriguing edge. Danceable rhythm and clever melodies are Manic Illusion’s specialties. Check out Manic Illusions on Myspace, like them on Facebook!