Bell Tower’s Pretty Face

Studio014 is excited to present Bell Tower’s first ever music video. Featuring Bell Tower’s antics and quirky performance style, the band rocks their new single “Pretty Face” in high definition.

Filled with the energy that make’s their live performances so sensational, this video is a new glimpse into the people behind Bell Tower. Find Pretty Face on iTunes and see the video here at

A First Glance At Bell Tower’s Pretty Face

Have you met Bell Tower? With momentum from the release of their sophomore record this past spring, Bell Tower makes the leap to their video debut. After several months of hard work both on and off the screen, the video for Bell Tower’s “Pretty Face” will be available January 3rd.

Together now, playing and recording for about five years, Bell Tower is new to the screen. “Pretty Face” is the second single off of the band’s latest album. This upbeat tune is set to a crisp, playful, and quirky video, finally showing off the ‘pretty faces’ and personality of Bell Tower.

Find the single on iTunes, Amazon, and other major digital retailers and check out the official video for Bell Towers “Pretty Face” tomorrow, January 3rd here on