Where Are My Active Tiles?

The most likely cause for not seeing active tiles appear when using Active Peak is Android’s Usage Access permission. This permission is required for Active Peak to function correctly. Navigate to your device settings, then security, and at the very bottom you’ll find “Usage Access”. This setting will show you every app requesting this permission. Read more about Where Are My Active Tiles?[…]

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Is Active Peak a Home Screen Launcher?

Active Peak is not a home screen launcher, it is designed to work in conjunction with you choice of home screen launcher. For BlackBerry Priv users, we recommend assigning Active Peak to your center swipe shortcut to simulate the peek gesture from BlackBerry10. This also provides the most integrated user experience.

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Active Peak 1.1

News Catalog Press Support Active Peak 1.1 Introducing an enhanced recent app screen for your Android device, inspired by BlackBerry 10. The all new Active Peak provides you with large tiles and easy gesture navigation, keeping relevant apps at your fingertips. New Features Include: – A grid layout of your four most recent apps – Read more about Active Peak 1.1[…]